1: "Almonds - A powerhouse of Vitamin D, almonds are a great addition to your winter diet."

2: "Walnuts - Packed with Vitamin D, walnuts are a tasty and nutritious snack for winter."

3: "Pistachios - These Vitamin D rich dry fruits are a delicious way to boost your health in winter."

4: "Cashews - Enjoy the Vitamin D benefits of cashews by incorporating them into your winter meals."

5: "Hazelnuts - Add hazelnuts to your winter diet for a dose of Vitamin D and a delightful crunch."

6: "Pecans - Pecans are a tasty and Vitamin D rich option for winter snacking."

7: "Brazil Nuts - These Vitamin D rich nuts are a great choice for winter wellness."

8: "Macadamia Nuts - Enjoy the Vitamin D benefits of macadamia nuts this winter."

9: "Pine Nuts - Incorporate pine nuts into your winter recipes for a boost of Vitamin D."

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