1: Dollar weakens as market awaits Fed cues; Bitcoin surges to 2-year peak.

2: Investors eye Fed's next move as Dollar slips; Bitcoin hits highest level since 2019.

3: Speculation surrounds Fed announcement; Bitcoin records significant 2-year high.

4: Dollar under pressure ahead of Fed news; Bitcoin reaches peak not seen in 2 years.

5: Analysts predict Dollar decline pre-Fed briefing; Bitcoin surges to multi-year high.

6: Market on edge for Fed update; Bitcoin soars to 2-year high, outperforming Dollar.

7: Dollar softens as markets anticipate Fed update; Bitcoin climbs to 2-year record.

8: Traders await Fed guidance as Dollar falters; Bitcoin hits 2-year high, outpacing USD.

9: Dollar slips ahead of Fed news; Bitcoin shines with impressive 2-year high.

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