1: Intro Discover quick abs workouts for busy students. Boost your fitness routine with these speedy exercises.

2: The Crunch Master the classic crunch for a targeted ab workout. Strengthen your core in just minutes.

3: Plank Challenge Take on the plank challenge for a full-body workout. Engage your abs for a stronger core.

4: Russian Twists Add Russian twists to your routine for oblique activation. Sculpt your abs with this dynamic move.

5: Bicycle Crunches Burn calories with bicycle crunches. Tone your abs and improve your overall fitness level.

6: Mountain Climbers Incorporate mountain climbers for a cardio and core workout. Get your heart pumping and abs engaged.

7: Leg Raises Focus on leg raises for lower ab activation. Strengthen your core with this challenging exercise.

8: Flutter Kicks Engage your abs with flutter kicks. Improve your endurance and core strength with this effective move.

9: Cool Down Wrap up your workout with a cooldown routine. Stretch your abs and relax your muscles after a successful session.

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