1: 1. Tony Stark's Iron Man Suit – Genius billionaire with a suit of armor 2. Thor's Mjolnir – God of Thunder's enchanted hammer

2: 3. Captain America's Shield – Vibranium shield wielded by a super soldier 4. Hulk's Strength – Gamma powered brute force

3: 5. Doctor Strange's Magic – Master of the mystic arts 6. Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet – Wielder of all six Infinity Stones

4: Each weapon showcases unique powers and abilities to dominate foes

5: Discover the true extent of their power and impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe

6: Experience the thrill of these iconic weapons in action on the big screen

7: Join the ranks of Earth's mightiest heroes as they battle to save the universe

8: Unleash the power of iron, thunder, and magic in the epic showdowns

9: Explore the vast array of weapons in the MCU and witness their unmatched power.

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