1: Indulge in comforting Avgolemono soup, a Greek classic with chicken, lemon, and orzo pasta.

2: Savor Spanish Caldo de Pollo, a hearty blend of chicken, vegetables, and saffron-infused broth.

3: Try Italian Stracciatella, a light and satisfying soup with chicken, egg, and Parmesan cheese.

4: Enjoy Turkish Tavuk Çorbası, a flavorful mix of chicken, rice, vegetables, and warming spices.

5: Sample Moroccan Harira, a tomato-based soup with chicken, lentils, chickpeas, and fragrant spices.

6: Delight in Lebanese Shorbat Jaj, a simple yet flavorful soup with chicken, rice, and Middle Eastern spices.

7: Taste Portuguese Canja, a nourishing soup with chicken, rice, vegetables, and fresh herbs.

8: Explore Israeli Matzo Ball soup, a comforting dish of chicken broth, dumplings, and vegetables.

9: Finish with French Soupe au Pistou, a Provencal chicken soup with vegetables, basil pesto, and Parmesan.