1: Siberian Husky- Not ideal for warm climates due to their thick double-coat.

2: Alaskan Malamute- Requires cold weather to thrive due to their heavy fur.

3: Saint Bernard- Prefers cooler environments, not suited for hot American climate.

4: Chow Chow- Tolerates cold better than heat, avoid in warmer regions.

5: Newfoundland- Thick coat designed for cold water rescues, struggles in heat.

6: Bernese Mountain Dog- Thrives in cooler temperatures, not recommended for warm areas.

7: Samoyed- Prefers cold weather due to their thick, insulating coat.

8: Tibetan Mastiff- Suited for colder climates, may struggle in hotter regions.

9: Keeshond- Thick double coat insulates in cold, avoid in warm American climate.

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