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2: Rumor has it that Apple is working on a new AR device. Find out how this could revolutionize your eToro portfolio.

3: Is Apple set to release a foldable iPhone? Learn how this potential development could lead to a surge in your eToro investments.

4: Could Apple be entering the electric car market? Explore the implications of this rumor on your eToro holdings.

5: Rumors suggest Apple may launch its own search engine. Uncover how this move could elevate your eToro investment strategy.

6: Is Apple planning a subscription bundle for services? See how this rumor could boost your eToro investment opportunities.

7: Apple rumored to be developing health-focused features. Discover how this innovation could drive your eToro investments.

8: Could Apple be working on a new chip for its devices? Learn how this rumor could impact your eToro investment choices.

9: Stay informed on the latest Apple rumors to optimize your eToro investments. Capitalize on potential opportunities before they skyrocket.

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