1: Get ready for a lazy Sunday by trying these quick abs burning routines that are perfect for a low-key day.

2: Start your lazy Sunday off with a few rounds of bicycle crunches to target your obliques and lower abs.

3: Mix it up with some leg raises to work your entire core, helping you achieve that toned look in no time.

4: Plank variations are a great way to engage your abs while also working your shoulders and back muscles.

5: Add some Russian twists to your routine to really feel the burn in your obliques and strengthen your core.

6: Don't forget to include reverse crunches to target your lower abs and get that desired six-pack look.

7: Finish off your lazy Sunday ab workout with a set of mountain climbers to boost your heart rate and engage your entire core.

8: With these quick and effective routines, you can sculpt your abs while still enjoying a relaxed Sunday at home.

9: Make the most of your lazy Sunday with these simple but effective ab burning routines that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

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