1: Traditional French Manicure with a Twist Give your classic French manicure a modern update with a pop of color or glitter for a trendy look.

2: Negative Space French Manicure Embrace the minimalist trend with a negative space French manicure that leaves some of your natural nails exposed.

3: French Tip Nail Art Get creative with your French manicure by adding geometric shapes, florals, or other designs to the tips of your nails.

4: French Ombre Nails Blend two complementary colors together for a gradient effect that adds a touch of sophistication to your French manicure.

5: Matte French Manicure Switch up the finish of your French manicure by opting for a sleek matte top coat for a modern and chic look.

6: French Manicure with Metallic Accents Add some shimmer and shine to your French manicure by incorporating metallic accents or foil for a glamorous touch.

7: French Manicure with Rhinestones Elevate your French manicure with the addition of rhinestones or studs for a touch of sparkle and luxury.

8: French Manicure with a Twist Think outside the box with a unique take on the French manicure, like a reverse French, sideways French, or cuticle French design.

9: French Manicure for Every Occasion Whether you're headed to the office or a special event, there's a French manicure variation that will suit any occasion and elevate your look.

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